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Planting Package

Starting From: $6,200

The Planting Package is the ideal combination of pages to start building your farm’s or processor’s presence online. Each included page comes with additional options so you can configure your new Planting website to fit your needs.

To learn more about any particular page and the offered options, select the blue link button beside each Page title.

Planting Package Home Page

The home page of a website is the main landing page that visitors use to navigate other pages of interest, and also determines the overall design and style of your website. Many websites use the home page to summarize and highlight important services, products, and informational content. Here, call-to-action elements can assist with converting the visitor to a customer.

For the Planting Package we have configured the home page to best meet the requirements for growing businesses. We recommend a home page with 4 layers, a 2-Slide header with hero images, and a basic contact form in the footer.

Strains Page

The Strains page is ideally used by farms and growers to display the strains of cannabis they grow. Growing a large number of different strains? Consider splitting them into categories, like Indicas, Sativas, and Hybrids.

Process Page

Many customers are interested in seeing how you grow your cannabis or how you process the plant into the final product. With this page you can add credibility to your operation. Choose from a standard page with about 500 words to extended page with about 800 words.

Where to Buy Page

Let your customer know where they can purchase your products. Choose from several types of layouts from a basic grid of logos to an interactive Google Map with store locations, search options, and a Geo-locator to show stores nearby.

Blog Section

A Blog Section is the best way to provide your customers with informational articles about your products and services. Sort each Blog Post by category and tags to make it easy for your customers to find what they are looking for. Blog posts are an effective way to build your authority with Google for SEO purposes. With our Blog Section, you can enable customers to leave comments or turn them off. We'll help you put the first post online; you can supply us with your article (please don't copy an article off the internet, as this will result in duplicate copy and hurt your site's ranking), or we can write one that is unique to your business.

Depending on the package you select, we can also write and post a Blog Article on a regular basis: we offer weekly, monthly, or quarterly plans. All plans are priced with a 12-month term. Contact us if you are looking for a different term period.

Wholesale Page

As a farm or processor, it often makes sense to offer some of your product wholesale. Whether you wholesale in bulk or re-brand it for a dispensary or chain, this can be an important market. The Wholesale page includes details about your wholesale program and comes with an application form.

About Page

The About Us page is quite popular for any website; customers want to know who they are doing business with. An About Us page with owner and employee biographies lends even more credibility, converting visitors into customers.

Contact Us Page

The Contact page is where your customers can get in touch with you, find support, and locate your store(s).

Select the number of business locations, the number of location pages (we recommend 1 page per location to boost SEO), the type of contact form you want, and whether you want to supply web copy or have High Rize write it for you.

Website Hosting Options

Our hosting packages are designed to provide you with a world class worry-free operation. With daily backups, automatic WordPress and plugin updates, 99.99% uptime among a "host" of other features, this is one decision you cannot afford to bypass.

Planting ADA Section 508 Complianc

Your new Planting Website is designed and tested for ADA Section 508 compliance. Test results will be submitted when website goes live. Additional pages will result in a price change

Boost Plan

The Local SEO Boost Plan includes all the basics to build and manage your business's online presence. Appearing on Google Maps presents a clear picture of what your business is about, helps people find you, and monitors your Google reviews.

Your new Google My Business and Bing Places for Business accounts require regular monthly maintenance to stay current. With each regular maintenance plan, we schedule an analysis of your Google and Bing Business account according to the update plan selected, reviewing any suggested updates by Google and Bing to updating your listings as necessary. The maintenance plans also covers the annual renewal of the Aggregator listings and the reputation monitoring program.

Planting Package Website Diagram

The Planting Package is the ideal website package for those wanting to take their farms or processor businesses to the next step. With several popular choices, we offer options that both meet your budget and enable you to expand your business when the opportunity presents itself..

Grower & Processor Optimized Websites

We have carefully considered and assembled the optimal website layout and pages for those just starting to put their farms or processor sites online.

All our websites are professionally designed using the latest state-of-the-art website development tools and adhere to the latest website standards.

As standard with all our websites, we include many features that most other design firms charge extra. These include website hosting on world class servers, SSL certificates, Google Analytics, automatic website updates and many more features.

We also work and interface with most of the 3rd party product feeds, and provide you with the option to host and manage your own Ecommerce store right within your website.

Where to Buy Options

Helping your customers find where to purchase your products is of utmost importance for every cannabis farm and processor. 

There are several ways to accomplish this, and while the easiest method is to sign up with a service like Leafly, Weedmaps, Jane, GoGo Cannabiz and others, there are limitations.

Alternatively, you can list the dispensaries that sell your products. Adding details about the dispensaries and showing your customers a map where the dispensaries are located helps even more.

If your products are available in a large number of stores across your state (and hopefully soon across the nation), then maybe an easy "closest store" locator would further assist your customers.

Blog Content Program

Blogs are great way to provide interesting and relevant information about your business and services to your customers. Including articles about strains you offer or about the medicinal properties of marijuana are some good examples and are sure to get your customers coming back to read more. Blog articles are also good excuses to send out emails to your customers.

The catch is that someone has to write all these articles and posts. Therefore, we now offer a blog article writing program where we can write a unique article and post it to your site either weekly or monthly. Most articles are between 600 and 1000 words.

Interesting in having High Rize also post to your social media channels and send out email blasts to your customers, please contact us for a quote.

 Custom Design Process

Once you have selected your website package and decided all the options that you want to include, we follow a clear and efficient process to get your website designed and built so that you can start making use of it as soon as possible. Our process includes the following steps which start shortly after the sale has been processed:

  1. We set up your project in our system and send you a welcome email along with a detailed website diagram showing all the selected options. We will need you to review this diagram and approve it before we proceed to the next step.
  2. With the website diagram approved, your assigned designer will set up a creative brief call to go over the general website design elements.
  3. Next your designer will mockup your home page design for you to review and approve. We have a maximum of 2 revisions included in this phase. Additional revisions will be charged hourly.
  4. Once the home page design is approved, your designer will build out the rest of the website based on these design elements and the previously approved website diagram layout.
  5. Once the website has been fully built, your designer will notify you and you will have the opportunity to request only minor design layout and 3 content and image revisions. Any change requests that are beyond this, may result in additional charges.
  6. Once the website is complete and you have approved it, we will go ahead and make it live. We also include a 30-minute website overview training session.

Website Maintenance

WordPress is an Open Source platform. This means that just about anyone can create a plugin to enhance the platform as a whole. This also leads to the possibility of many different venues for a hacker to exploit your website. WordPress' core developers are constantly working to enhance and create new features as well as fix bugs and close vulnerabilities.  

Updating your WordPress website ensures that it will remain safe and secure. With updates to either or both core and plugins being released almost daily, this can become a constant and time-consuming effort.

Our maintenance plan includes daily monitoring and installation of updates. But first we back up your site, then perform the updates, and finally check to ensure there were no compatibility issues.

WordPress CMS

WordPress is one of the most popular Content Management Systems (CMS). A content management system is a software that facilities creating, editing, organizing, and publishing content.

WordPress is a free, open source platform which has developed a huge following and add-on market. From contact forms to shopping carts, there is an add-on or plugin. Some are free while others cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Most of the paid website plugins come with an annual fee for updates. These are critical to maintaining a successful website and are mandatory for any websites hosted with any of our plans.

With all these plugins to choose from, we can make your website go to work for you and grow your business in just about any way you would like.

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