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Our hosting packages are designed to provide you with a world class worry-free operation. With daily backups, automatic WordPress and plugin updates, 99.99% uptime among a “host” of other features, this is one decision you cannot afford to bypass.

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Website Hosting and Other Options

Select from 3 hosting options for a World Class Managed WordPress Website Hosting. 

Website Hosting

As a vital step to your online business success, website hosting comes in so many options that it can be overwhelming. At its core, it is a hard drive space connected to the internet that enables visitors to view your site. In reality, there is much more that goes into hosting, and some factors to consider are:

  • Security Options. Some security can be managed with plugins, but others are best done by the hosting provider.
  • Server Up-time and Network Speed. These are critically important to visitors and bounce rates. Page loading times also affect SEO rankings.
  • Hosting Levels. Shared, Virtual Private Service, Dedicated, and Managed hosting are more popular selections. At the basic level, you share a server with hundreds of other websites using a single IP address. This puts your website at risks beyond your control.
  • Additional Features. Backup frequency, SSL certificates, internet network connection speeds, hardware levels including CPU speed, RAM memory size and speed, internet network connection speeds, and even physical location of hosting computers all affect the viability and success of your online presence.

Enterprise Performance

The features you need to deliver scalable and secure digital experiences optimized for WordPress.

Uptime Protection

Stay up and running with clustered configurations in dedicated environments, fully-managed content delivery network, and proactive, multi-layered security measures.

Data Center Redundancy

We have servers across the United States, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and in the Asia-Pacific region.

PHP 7.3 and HTTP/2 Enabled

Get better SEO, visitor retention, and conversions with the latest updates, which can serve up to 3x more requests per second.

Proprietary EverCache®

Reduce strain on your site’s resources with our caching solution, which is capable of moving hundreds of millions of hits per day through our system.

Fully Managed Global CDN

Load content faster with our global content delivery network (CDN), which routes local requests to the nearest server.

Increased Speed

Our customers enjoy an average of 27% faster load times by switching to our WordPress Hosting Platform.


Scalable Architecture

Manage traffic spikes–from 10,000 to 100 million users—seamlessly..

Managed Core Updates

Rest easy knowing that minor updates will be pushed through automatically, while we vet major updates thoroughly before recommending them.


Traffic Encryption with SSL

Included SSL certificates on every page from Let’s Encrypt.


Threat Detection & Blocking

Let us dynamically detect and block malicious behavior with our proprietary system, ensuring your site doesn’t suffer embarrassing hacks.

Disaster Recovery

In the unlikely event your site is compromised, bounce back quickly with our expert recovery help.

Two-Factor Authentication

Add another layer of safety with access controls to manage sign-ons.

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