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Let your customer know where they can purchase your products. Choose from several types of layouts from a basic grid of logos to an interactive Google Map with store locations, search options, and a Geo-locator to show stores nearby.

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Where to Buy Page Options

We have configured the Where to Buy page with several options. If you don't see what you are looking for, please contact us for a quote.

Where to Buy?

That is an important question and of utmost importance for your website to answer otherwise you might lose those customers who are loyal to your brand.

The "Where to Buy" page should at the very least list the dispensaries and stores that you customer can purchase your products from. 

Ideally, the page is geo location enabled and is smart enough to direct your customers to the closest dispensary location.

Even if you have if you have your products for sale in just a few locations, you will never know when someone new tries your product and wants to find where else they can buy it. The best way to match these potential customers to your products is to list your website on all your packaging and then have a current and up to date "Where to Buy" page.

Select from a grid of logos and links, or more detailed store descriptions with addresses or go full out and have a large Google based map with all the locations and a convenient Geo locator that will enable your customers to find the dispensary closest to their current location.

Dispensary Store Detials

Letting your customers know where they can go and buy your products is only one of the reasons to have a "Where to Buy" page. While it is the most important reason, providing links to your retailers and vis versa, getting the retailers to link back to your website, provides important backlinks that affect your SEO rankings.

Just make sure that you keep the list of dispensaries and retailors current so that your customers do go out of their way only to find that your products are no longer being carried by that particular dispensary.

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