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As a farm or processor, it often makes sense to offer some of your product wholesale. Whether you wholesale in bulk or re-brand it for a dispensary or chain, this can be an important market. The Wholesale page includes details about your wholesale program and comes with an application form.

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Wholesale Page Options

We have configured the Wholesale Page with several options. If you don't see what you are looking for, please contact us for a quote.ings.

Wholesale Details

The wholesale page is where you provide details of your wholesale program and the requirements to sign up as a wholesale partner.

As part of the wholesale page, we offer an application form. This form is available in several different sizes, including an Extra-Large version that uses an interactive plugin and enables an application with conditional fails and geo-locational fields.

We also include an area for you to list the benefits of a Wholesale Partnership.

The page size option dictates the size of the page. Depending on the option selected, we build out the page to accommodate that amount of copy. Standard - up to 500 words, Extended - up to 800 words, and Xtra Long - up to 1200 words

Adding Ecommerce to your grower or processor website, we can add a Wholesale pricing option so that when your wholesale partners login they will see their discounted pricing.

Wholesale Partnership Benefits

There are many benefits of a strong buyer-supplier relationship because it can turn into more orders, larger orders and professional friendships.

High Rize can assist your business in building a successful Wholesale Program, rolling it out, and marketing it to your prospective customers.

Contact us for a consultation and quote.

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