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Take Your Store Online!

Adding a store to your website is not difficult. But by adding Premium features, you’ll create a great experience for your customers, which elevates your site against competitors to boost your sales!

Store Design

An Ecommerce website attracts, distracts, or drives away prospective customers just by its look and ease of navigation. Over 33% of website visitors leave after viewing only a single page. 

Having an attractive, updated, and highly functional Ecommerce website design plays a pivotal role in magnifying the perceived value of your products, which assures customers that your services are worth their time and money.

But there’s more to it than pleasing product presentation. Are consumers able to easily navigate your site to find exactly what they’re looking for? The functionality of your store plays an equally important role in creating sales.

  • Can they order online?
  • Will they know when the product is ready for pickup?
  • Can they back order their favorite strains?
  • Is your store able to recommend new strains according to your customer’s previous shopping habits?
  • Do you offer multiple forms of payment?


High Rize Product Display Icon

Product Display

Presentation of your products is extremely important. Customers are ten times more likely to buy products with appealing pictures.

High Rize Sales Management Icon

Sale Management

Manage all aspects of your online sales process, from customer acquisition through purchase and even follow ups.

High Rize Payment Processing Icon

Payment Processing

Fully integrated payment processors accept credit cards, debit cards, and even payments by check.

High Rize Responsive Design Icon

Responsive Design

Fully responsive website ecommerce designs ensure you reach desktop, mobile, and tablet users. 

Make Your Online Store Intelligent!

We have compiled several of the more relevant and popular Ecommerce features and functions that will help set your online store apart from your competitors. We can mix and match just about everything listed below and much more too. On the average, each additional feature helps boost sales and customer retention by 5 to 15 percent.

High Rize Ecommerce Subscription Options


Offer your customers the option to subscribe to “strain-of-the-month” clubs or continue receiving their favorite products monthly or even weekly. Subscriptions help you capture more residual revenue.

High Rize Ecommerce Membership Options


Add a membership club that rewards members with special offerings and perks. This allows you to create members-only offerings so your site and store can offer certain products exclusively to members.

High Rize Ecommerce Smart Coupons Options

Smart Coupons

Grow your sales using discounts, coupons, credits, vouchers, offers, and promotions. Build a loyal customer following that will eagerly anticipate your emails and repeatedly continue buying your products.

High Rize Ecommerce Follow Up Options

Automated Follow-Ups

Do you always remember to send a personalized email to follow up with customers? With Automated Follow-Ups, you will be able to engage with your customers using complex campaigns based upon their interests and order history to drive more sales.

High Rize Ecommerce Checkout Addon Options

Checkout Add-ons

Offer your customers additional options right at checkout. Add associated products, rush order fulfillment, or even gift wrapping. Oftentimes, these last second offerings help increase the overall order value.

High Rize Ecommerce Social Login Options

Store Social Login

Enable customers to login with their Social Media accounts including Facebook, Twitter, Google, Amazon, LinkedIn, PayPal, or Yahoo instead of making them have to create new account credentials. No need for your customer to have to remember yet another account login.

High Rize Ecommerce Points and Rewards Options

Points and Rewards Program

Reward your customers for purchases with points that can be redeemed for discounts. Easily set how many points customers should earn for each dollar spent and how many points can be redeemed for a specific discount amount.

High Rize Ecommerce Multiple Location Pickup Options

Multiple Location Pickup

Have multiple locations? We can make it easy so that your customers are able to select where they want to pick up their orders. You can even accurately list a product’s availability based on its store location. 

High Rize Ecommerce Wishlist Options


A wishlist allows guests and customers to create and save products that they can return to later and purchase. What better way to encourage customers to return to your site than allowing them to create their own dream list of products for a special occasion?

High Rize Ecommerce Recommendation Options

Product Recommendations

Offer recommendations based on the types of products your customers have been viewing and ordered in the past. This helps boost sales by getting your customers to try new types of cannabis or hemp products. This makes browsing more fun and boosts social proof.

High Rize Ecommerce Mobile Inventory Management Options

Mobile Inventory Management

Now there’s an easy way for you to sync your dispensary’s inventory with your online products. Generate your own labels with QR codes, and scan these during checkout to ensure that your online store matches your actual product stock.

High Rize Ecommerce Abandoned Cart Email Options

Abandoned Cart Emails

Many customers return to add products to their carts, but never checkout and finalize the order. Now you can remind them that they left items in their cart using emails at set intervals. This can increase sales dramatically, but take note that this only works with existing customers.

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