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Google and Facebook Paid Ads are the best way to quickly bring you new customers. However, there are many tricky obstacles we have to work around in the Cannabis industry, so we have put together several programs that make it possible to advertise your dispensary on Google and Facebook!

Ad Management

Technically none of the major paid ad platforms like Google, Facebook, Microsoft, or Instagram allow dispensaries to advertise Cannabis products. Google classifies all Cannabis and associated paraphernalia as “Dangerous Products and Services”.

So, you might wonder why we even offer these services? Well, there are ways around these restrictions; although it takes some extra effort, it’s well worth it in the end.

Paid Ads or PPC (pay per click) is one of the best ways to target your most qualified customers. You can reach them when they are already looking.

Our Ad Management services enable you to take advantage of this opportunity, resulting in immediate results and conversions, like more customers visiting your dispensary or farm website. Please note that due to the nature of this cannabis products, there are unfortunately no guarantees, though we will make every effort to ensure the success of your paid ad program.



Our Paid Search Results!

Our digital ad management services include researching your audience, designing ads, generating appropriate landing pages, and managing monthly advertising programs. We focus on generating leads and delivering the best conversions for your budget.

Ad Management Services

Each Ad campaign includes turn-key service, from the initial ad research to ad management and updates.


Keyword Research


Demographic Analysis


Copy & Graphic Design


Submission & Monitoring


Landing Page Management


Cost Management

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Live Campaign Reporting

Reporting is just as important as ad management so you know the results of your investment.

Campaign Monitoring

Live Real Time Stats

Conversion Tracking

Call Tracking

Spend Tracking

Campaign Improvements

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Immediate Results

Paid search ads immediately put you at the top of the search results page while generating new leads and sales. Relying solely on organic search results can take at least three to nine months before you start to achieve a decent placement in search results.

Targeted Advertisement

We meticulously research your ideal customer and develop each ad campaign to target these customers. Our goal is to provide you with clients who are most likely to convert to paid customers, in comparison to the ad platform’s goal of generating the most clicks and views.

Steady Traffic

Paid search ads generate a steady and reliable flow of visitors to your website. When combined with professionally designed ads and correctly researched keywords, the result is that impressed visitors  mostly convert to paying customers.

Rize in Revenue

Our paid search marketing programs will produce a boost to your revenue while easily doubling the return on your investment. You can focus on your business will we target potential customers and drive them to your website to generate new leads.

Managed Budget

Each online ad platforms allows you to set your daily budget. We can increase or decrease your daily budget at any time. We can even pause your campaign for a few days or even weeks in the event that you get flooded with sales. Plus, we have no long term contracts.

Efficient and Effective

We start your paid ad program with an in-depth research of your ideal customer and their demographics. Then we develop a plan with a focus on achieving your acquisition goals. We continually explore methods to optimize your campaign for better results.

Advertising Plans

We have put together several advert plans to advertise your Cannabis business on search engines and social media networks. Please note that due to the nature of the advert content, not all campaigns may be approved initially or may be terminated by the platforms.

Having trouble deciding on a plan? Give us a call at (817) 864-1222 and one of our advertising consultants will guide you through your decision. You can also fill out the form below or send us an email to info@highrizemarketing.com.

Special Requirements?

If you would like a quote for a special or unique advertising campaign, please fill out the form below to request a custom quote.

Please be as detailed as possible. This will help us to determine what services would work best for your application. Once we start with the quote, we will need to setup a call to review all the details. Depending on the requirements, a consultation fee may be required.

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